Hi, my name is..

Jennie Rose:

I started my writing life by interviewing musicians for a web publication called “Addicted to Noise” (ATN) and confirmed something veterans of news writing know; explosive candor makes great copy.

ATN was the first online magazine to include audio samples alongside new album reviews and was later folded into MTVi. During this era, I sat down with musicians from all genres—some well known, others not as much. The more cantankerous the person, the better the interview. I look back with fondness on one particular conversation that ended with my subject shrieking about punk rock’s victory of style over substance.

I have also produced profiles for a trade publications like the New Architect and Web Techniques; film reviews for weekly newspapers (SF Chronicle, SF Weekly); education/technology reporting for a KQED blog (MindShift); a long form piece (Berkeley Science Review) about research into a seismic hum; an interview with a delegate to the 2016 Convention of Parties Climate Convention (The Daily Climate).

My inspiration comes from non fiction writers. I stumble at the feet of Francine Prose and Annie Dillard in particular, but the list of literary titans grows daily. It will be a lifetime for my finger tips to faintly brush their wit and wisdom. Fortunately, to study the masters means curling up with a good book.