Content Maker

Emergent ideas for solving juicy problems like climate change get my attention. I like to think I’m boosting the optimism signal when I give them some ink.  

I didn’t always look for ways to champion the human spirit. I started as a type of instigator looking for colorful interviews for a rock and roll webzine.

Explosive language makes great copy, and the coup de grâce was when a musician shrieked at me in an apoplexy of aging-rocker rage that punk was nothing more than the victory of style over substance.

I moved onto writing case studies about design firms for trade publications like “The New Architect” where I learned more about how to write for several different audiences and to give factual, cogent public information. I wrote tiny film reviews for magazines like “Wired,” motivational copy for an ed/tech company, and reported on education for a KQED blog “MindShift.”

As more companies begin to build social purpose into their business models, I scout for stories on entrepreneurs. I’ve just finished a story about a Berkeley lab that built “Trident,” a remotely operated underwater camera. Now I’m researching the utility demand response marketplace, a sector that is projected to be worth $35.9 billion by 2025.

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