Content Maker

I report on solutions from climate scientists, entrepreneurs and policy makers. If Micheal Mann Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State and author of “Madhouse Effect” is right, we have far more human agency in solving the problem of climate change than we realize.

Walk with me down a nostalgia lane for a moment as we travel way back to where I learned a key lesson of journalism 101; explosive candor makes great copy. I’ve come a long way since then. These days, my copy provides factual, cogent public information at the service of our best collective ideas.

Back then, as a reporter at a rock and roll web zine, the more cantankerous the character I could find for interviews, the better my copy. My finest moment was when a musician, notorious for having a temper, shrieked at me that punk rock was nothing more than the victory of style over substance.

As I matured, (or as my tolerance for getting shouted at diminished) I moved onto writing case studies about design firms for trade publications like “The New Architect.” This is where I learned more how to write for several different audiences.

My diverse publishing experience over the years has included writing very short film reviews for magazines like “Wired” and reporting for a KQED education blog “MindShift.” My most recent story is on a small lab in Berkeley building an underwater camera ROV while at the same time, cultivating an open source community of citizen scientists.