About my Background

Profiling musicians for a rock and roll web ‘zine called Addicted to Noise was my first break. Founded by a former Rolling Stone writer, ATN was a late 1990’s online magazine that included audio samples alongside new album reviews and was later folded into MTVi. During this era, I sat down with musicians from all genres—some famous, others not as much. The more vigorously opinionated the artist, the better the interview. Candor and sometimes vitriol could transform a puff piece into something I would be proud of.

I pressed on in non-commercial radio as host of an arts and culture program. Working in production on the eclectic San Francisco talk show, KQED’s “FORUM,” I did pre-interviews on topics like deregulation of the power industry, documentary filmmaking, and education.

In the early days of the digital economy, I reported on web businesses and large scale data projects for high tech trade publications. In 2001, I did my best to keep up with the tsunami of social media and built a weblog (“Tempest in a Teapot”) with an open source blogging platform called Moveable Type.

Nowadays, I report on shifts in the climate change conversation, and try to add informative reporting on its many corollaries of geopolitics, economics, renewable technology and social activism.

A partial list of published work includes:

  • A Beautiful Perspective combining journalism, storytelling and live experiences
  • The Daily Climate a curated climate newsfeed
  • SEED Magazine an online science magazine
  • Berkeley Ecology Center’s Terrain Magazine
  • Berkeley Science Review
  • parenting magazine Red Tricycle
  • Education Technology blog MindShift
  • Class Dojo, Education Technology software application
  • UCSF’s Campus Life Services department